The Spring Crown Tournament

Last weekend me and sweetheart went to a really good SCA event with over 200 people, lots of fun happenings, new friends and a good party. Our group Gyllengran arranged everything, though we only helped out on some small tasks. And, of course there was a tournament, won by Duke Siridean MacLachlan and Lady Jahanara. (Drachenwald crown tournament can be equaled with EM for you non-Sca people who wants to now). I had my shop with me so most of the time was spent selling stuff and talking to new and old friends, but I managed to take some photos from the event.

Handcrafted Historys shop with lots of handcrafting material, accessories for both medieval and viking outfits, some tutorials, jewelry and second hand stuff. My friend B sold stuff to the right, and Kerstin from Medeltidsmode sold her nice fabrics on the far end. Of course I didn’t need anything so I didn’t buy any fabric. I just bought a small piece for a very important but for now secret project…

To keep warm I wore my new houppelande dress, hand sewn in green wool, lined with silk inside the sleeves and trimmed with silk at the bottom. The front is trimmed with rabbit fur that I bought from a woman who breed rabbits for food and fur in her home (she takes good care of the animals, and the tanning is made eco-friendly. For me it’s really important were I get the fur from, since I’m an animal lover and strongly against any cruelty).

On my head, a 15th century hairdo and also my 16th c yellow gollar, lined with some more fur from the same as above, to keep me warm.

Banquet hall is getting prepared and decorated.

Some fighting outdoors with a really big audience.

J & Bs son had a really cute hat to keep warm, and of course a handsewed viking outfit to match his parents.

K looking awesome in her new trossfrau outfit!

My love in the middle, looking as if he had some mischief planned.

I forgot to ask for their names, but I met this really nice couple and look at her amazing headwear! Wow!

This will now turn into an inspirational blog post since people during the afternoon started to change into their party outfits. There were so much nice clothes and handcraft everywere, so I just had to leave my shop with K some time to be able to take photos (no, I didn’t have a chance to take everyones picture but I wish I did). If you know the SCA names of the persons, or the ones that are behind this really awesome outfits- please leave a comment on the post!

The event took place in a really big school, and just as we used to sit around the floors during the breaks when we were in school, some took up small picnics with handcraft during the event.

Ds party outfit, an Italian 15th century I believe.

Well done and awesome 14th century outfit.

There will be a part 2 with more photos, as soon as I have had time to sort them out. Hang in!

(And as usual, if you don’t want to appear here, just send me a notice and I will remove you from the blog. You are also welcome to use the photos you appear on, for private use only, as long as you link to the blog and write out me, Linda, as the photographer.)






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Dagens lästips

Idag blir det ett kort inlägg, jag är på resande fot för lite materialinköp till framtida kurser, umgänge med nya och gamla vänner och sömnad hela helgen lång!

Är du intresserad av vikingatid? Då har Burr på Historiska fynd gjort en samling mycket läsvärda artiklar som handlar om smycken och dräkt av olika slag. Perfekt för dig som funderar på vad du vill skaffa till din vikingadräkt eller vill veta mer. Bra läsning med massor av källor!




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A new outfit for A

My friend A visited some time ago and since he is the one making all my folders and paper handouts it was time that I made him a new medieval outfit. A really likes the 13th and early 14th century, so we decided to make a “bladkjortel”- a rather long kirtle with an opening at the front. The kirtle is made of two different colours since A bought the fabric on a second hand store for a bargain, and I added some buttons by the wrist to make it more fashionable for the period. The slits at the front is really common in different paintings, and good to have on a warm day. There are also two slits at the front of the sleeve seams, which is another thing very common in paintings from the period.


I got some fabric left, so I also made him a pilgrim bag and a hood. Under is a simple linen shirt. I think the whole outfit took about 2 days to make, with lots of coffee breaks. It will be nice to see the whole outfit with the pieces A already had, maybe I could get him to take a photoshot when he’s home…




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Glötagillet 2016

My SCA group (Gyllengran) arranged a handcraft-themed event a while ago, so I thought I should show you some photos, and a couple of nice outfits that I photographed during the event. It was a chilly autumn day with a cold wind, so here comes some nice inspiration for alla of you who want to be outside without freezing. My outfit? Never mind, I actually kind of forgot it was cold outside and brought to little clothes. Lucky for me it was warm inside.

I wore my old blue winter dress, good for cold events. Here together with silk accessories like me new silk sleeves, purse, tablet woven belt and hairband, everything 14th century. But I would have needed another woolen dress, mittens and a hood to stay warm outside.


The hairdo seemed to be rather simple, but turned out a bit tricky to achieve on my own, the braids wanted to fall down so I had to use some bobby pins. But after a few tests it worked out nicely, not one of my favorites but ok and historical accurate enough. I think I need more training in hairdos….


I braided two simple braids and ended them with thin rubber bands, then I attached the braids to each other on top of my head with some bobby pins so they would lie secure while I twisted the band/ribbon around them. With the hairband I then pulled them tightly around my head, wrapped the band at the base of my neck, and knotted it at the start of the braids.


At the event, the theme for this year was “hard handicraft” which basically means any handicraft that is worked out with tree, metal, glas and the like… So we had workshops in beadmaking, bronze casting, different jewelry classes and beermaking. Beer? If you know my group, then you would know that beer is a totally appropriate thing to do during such a theme. Actually, during any event, handicraft or not… While drinking coffe, of course.

img_1310   img_1304

Historical beer making

 img_1275Making models for the bronze casting




Historical glass beads in the making, with modern equipment.


Lali’s amazing outfit from different views. English 16th century.




Y visited with a new family member


Great 16th century coat/jacket to keep warm! Have to make me one of those…


S/A kept warm with a loose fitting, woolen overdress and linen veil and wimple. Great way to protect yourself from cold winds.


Sessan in her 16th century English gown, worn over an apron, a kirtle and a shirt/shift.


Also, lace edged underpants, socks and shoes. Good way to keep warm, and underpants- they are kind of sexy right?

Need to make me a pair of those to. And maybe a new outfit to go with them…


Eleanor with her warm 14th century outfit. A dress with holes in the side for wearing your purse safely inside the dress, and warming your hands to.

Hood, veil and bycocket and a brocade purse with tassels.


I made this two stand still to take some pictures of them. E (left) is wearing his viking era outfit.

A (right) has a 14th century coat made from the Herjolfnes find with hood, mittens and a coif under a felted hat.

The SCA as a community has a period span from 600 AD to 1600 AD so during our events there’s really a mix of different time periods and outfits. Great to finding new inspiration, but sometimes hard on your saving-for-new-fabric-money…

It was a great event, and after all the workshops during the day the event continued inside with food, drinks and party during the evening.














Photos from Visby

This years Medieval Week at Gotland was the coldest I’ve experienced so far. I brought all my thin woolen dresses, summer clothing and the like. As a last minute-safety option I also took my green dress as it’s a little bit warmer. Lucky thought that, because I really needed all my layers of clothes along with the hoods and my short cloak/cape.

But it was a good week anyway, apart from me beeing cold, tired and sick most of the week. Because of this, and because I was working most of the week I barely have any photos at all. But some are just too good not to show so here they are…


A windy day on the beach, a little cold for swimming but nice for wearing wool.


H had his new 14th century outfit


One must visit Kränku for tea or coffee…


…and Botaniska trädgården (gardens) for roses and different trees.


Strolling Visbys alleys.


Finding agave plants


…and lavendel.



Did some medieval braids on my (mothers) cousin Eas hair while listening to music at a picnic inside an old ruin.


Js viking outfit


M and H as vikings in the gardens. We had plans during the week to go here, there or somewere else, but we often ended up just hanging around and talking to friends and long-time-no-see-people. That’s medieval week for you, just a mix with lots of coffe and some medieval drinks…


Group photo with some friends in the gardens


The Mörk family


Y & L


Hanging out at Kapitelhusgården medieval style, I’m so glad I had time for a couple of medieval pubs this year.


 …and some very modern coffee at Skafferiet and the beautiful garden.

Last but not least some photos from the 100 landsknechts march


Me, H and some friends marched in the Landsknechtmarch togehter with 150 others. And music, never forget the music!







On the ferry home, I finally got some time to read and H took a nap.


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New male garb

I made H some new clothes for this years medieval week at Gotland. He had several tunics already, but this one is made of thinner wool and will be a little less warm hopefully. For H, being comfy and not overly warm is more important than finding the correct seams and construction for the period. But I talked him into the tighter underarms, so the style would be that of middle-late 14th century. The hosen is made of a thin, somewhat loose twill and is really soft and nice to wear against the skin. One should never underestimate the importance of choosing nice cloth and making clothes that are comfortable to wear! It doesn’t matter if you have the most awesome outfit ever, if it’s to warm and complicated to wear it will end up in the closet…



The hood is made of a really nice fabric and have oak leaves around the edge, and metall buttons at the front. The hat is made of felted wool, and is a little early for the period, but a nice way to protect face and head from sun and weather. Under the hat is a linen coif. I made the pilgrim bag bigger than the period ones probably was, and H choose how high up he wanted to wear it. Since he likes to stash lots of things in his bag, including tablet, water bottle and other “must haves” the bag will hang more secure and tight against the body with a shorter shoulder strap.


The tunic, hosen, bag and hood is made of wool, with seams in waxed linen and/or silk thread. Some seams are machine stitched, but most are made by hand, and then pressed down with iron and casted with silk. Undertunic/shirt, breeches and coif is made of linen. The shoes belongs to his viking garb and the belt and bag is some old larping outfit. Ready for Visby!

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Nytt knektprojekt

Ute regnar det igen så jag håller mig inne och arbetar på ett nytt projekt. Just nu tillverkar jag metervis med fina remsor. Urklippta ylleremsor är supersnyggt, här med en lång sidenremsa bredvid sig. Eftersom siden oftast vävs på smalare bredd än andra tyger så klipper jag remsor och syr ihop till en enda lång. Den använder jag sedan och klipper av allt eftersom.

Remsor till knektdräkter kan gärna mönsterklippas innan de sys fast eftersom du kan rita på avigsidan av tyget, och om du gör fel någonstans är det enkelt att skarva. Det är också enklare att komma åt. Nackdelen är att remsorna gärna drar sig och flexar lite i storlek, så det gäller att nåla eller tråckla noga innan du syr.


Alla dessa remsor alltså… Har klippt remsor i två dagar nu… ibland undrar jag över vad jag håller på med.


Men fint blir det… Kolla på ljuset och skillnaden på bilderna; det är samma tyg med på svart bottentyg. Ännu ett bevis på att man alltid ska beställa tygprover när man vill köpa nytt tyg och inte lita på bilder. =)


Jag beräknade noga hur mycket tyg som skulle gå åt genom att rita upp alla mönsterbitar på rutat papper. Sedan lägger jag alltid på 10% för att tyget ska kunna krympa lite i tvätten. Det kan kännas segt att behöva rita på ett papper först, men på det här viset spar du pengar och köper inte tyg i onödan! Det här är spillet från hela dräkten… (fodret är inte utklippt än)

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Ny knektdräkt/ New outfit for the landsknecht

För ett tag sedan sydde jag en knektdräkt till A som skulle dra iväg på lajv. Tanken var en relativt enkel knektdräkt som skulle vara praktisk på lajvet, men ändå med en historisk grund. A ville ha olikfärgade ben och valde färg och några detaljer såsom hatt, men lämnade resten av designen till mig. Roligt projekt som tog en hel del tid, men knektdräkter blir ju så härligt dramatiska och överdrivna! Bildkommentarerna och resten av inlägget är på engelska, med en del beskrivningar på sömnadsdetaljer.


A while ago I finished this outfit for A. It´s for larping, but the inspiration comes from historical paintings. The idea was a rather simple and practical yet fancy outfit, and A decided the colours and what type of hat he wanted but let me do the design of the outfit. Fun project, it took a lot of time but came out nice (I really like the jacket/wam) and landsknechts are so dramatic!


Finished pieces; pants, jacket, shirt and hat.


The jacket/wam with details


The outfit is made of wool and linen, with woolen bands and strings to tie it up.

IMG_9119 (2)

IMG_9121 (2)

On the inside of the jacket I put some hooks and eyes to secure it and make it easy to close.

IMG_9108 (2)

The pants is laced together but also has a tied string at the top, and is made so you can fit a belt inside the lining. The belt is not a historical reference, but makes it easier to wear the pants if they get bigger by wear and wet weather. It also makes it possible to wear the pants without the jacket. A didn´t need a belt right now, as the pants really fit him well and are really slim around the waist… But you know- experience has made me wise (also I almost dropped my pants during the Krigshjärta larp but that’s another story.)

IMG_9118 (2) IMG_9117

All the visible seams and details are handmade/sewn but the parts are put together with the sewing machine to save time.

IMG_9110 (2) IMG_9111 (2)

The eyelets in the outfit are made with vaxed linen thread, and the pants have woolen bands to tie them under the knee.

IMG_9104 (2)

The hat is made with my blue trossfrau/landsknecht hat as inspiration, hand sewn with linen thread and the same wool as the wam and pants are made by.



A didn’t want to be all up on the blog, but he agreed to have some pictures taken on the outfit.

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Min vikingatida mansdräkt

Att ha så mycket kläder i garderoben så att hälften knappt blir använt är jag nog inte ensam om, nu är det dock medeltidsgarderoben som är det största problemet… Jag har helt enkelt bestämt mig för att sluta ha dåligt samvete och istället sälja bort de plagg som jag inte använder. Det här har lett till lite nostalgivibbar och varma känslor kring sagda kläder, och jag har liksom behövt lite mental förberedelse då jag klappat på kläderna innan jag bestämt mig för vilka som ska säljas och vilka som får stanna.


Min vikingatida mansdräkt är en sådan där dräkt som är fin och välsydd och skulle passa finfint att ha på ett vikingalajv, men inom SCA bär jag oftast kvinnokläder då jag känner mig snygg och bekväm i dessa. Vikingalajv förekommer tyvärr inte i kalendern för det kommande året (det kan ju alltid ändras) men jag kände att jag inte var beredd att göra mig av med dräkten riktigt än. Den fick istället komma ut och provas under Glötagillet, och fantastiskt vad bekvämt det är att ha byxor när man hoppar i och ur bilar och bär saker uppför trappor!


Dräkten består av pösbyxor i tunn röd ull, en grön yllekjortel och en linnesärk under. Till den har jag mina sydda strumpor i brist på benlindor, näbbkängorna brukar jag ha utomhus på event medan de handsydda skorna är inneskor, mitt vikingatida bälte med påse (väskan hade fungerat lika bra men var har jag lagt den?) och när det blev lite svalare hade jag min blå kappa och en hätta. Lagomt varmt, mycket bekvämt- men vad gör man med håret egentligen? Jag tror jag vant mig vid flätfrisyrer och huvuddukar…

När jag sydde kjorteln så ville jag ha en bekväm manskjortel som för den sakens skulle inte blev oformlig eller klumpig. Kilarna börjar vid höfterna och ger kjorteln vidd och fint fall, medan kilarna (armspjällen) under ärmen ger rörelsevidd och lite extra plats för bysten.