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Welcome! Are you looking for a historical outfit for yourself or a friend? Look no further! I make bespoke clothing as a part of my business. Read below and send me an email to discuss your ideas.  

NOTE! Fully booked until September 2023

Before you order clothes:

  • Think about what kind of clothes you want, and try to give me as much details as possible (pictures are nice) and also, what you will use them for (reenactment, stage, market fair, winter camping.) This way I can give you a better offer. Do you have a budget in mind? Tell me and we’ll adjust the project to keep to that!
  • Email me with your ideas and I’ll give you an estimated offer based on your wishes (for free of course!)
  • When you want to place an order I take a starting fee of 500 sek to be able to research, discuss and order fabrics samples etc for your project. This will not be returned if you change your mind, but you get to keep all research, scetches etc for future use! The starting fee is included in the total offer.
  • The waiting list for bespoke clothing may be long during the spring/summer months, and it takes time to make garments by hand. Be sure to place your order well before you want your garments, 1-3 month is a regular production time to order samles, fabric and work on your project.

How much does it cost? It depends! For me to give you a good offer I need to calculate the amount of fabrics needed, shipping fees, production time etc. This is easier if you have a fair idea before of what you want, and provide me with your general sizing. But I am also happy to help you design your outfit if you tell me what you need it for!

But general guidelines are 2000-5000 sek for wool garments, and around 10 000-15 000 sek for a whole outfit with layers. This is just to give you a heads up, if you only have shopped fast fashion before. My typical customer often order 2-3 garments for a whole outfit and pays around 12 000 sek.

I accept comissions over 2000 sek, to be able to give you good service and keep my prices down.

Ways to contact me:

What can I offer You?

  • All fabrics will be prewashed/shrinked (except silks) before sewing, and I only use high quality fabrics, threads and details. The hand seams are made with historical techniques. I aim to create garments that will last for years and stand up to adventures and washing.
  • Instructions for caring and washing your new garment is provided. No chemicals are used during the making, which means a healthy garment.
  • Machinemade inside seams and hand stitched hems, details and visible trims.
  • All hand stitched garments using historical techniques.
  • Pattern constructions are based on historical finds, but gores/seams may be adjusted due to your measures and to cut costs. Garments based purely on archeological finds upon request.

Here I answer some common questions on ordering clothing in Swedish: Läs gärna det här inlägget om dräktbeställning och Här svarar jag på vanliga frågor.

Personal pattern/toile:

A personal fitted pattern that I draft on your body, for you to use as a pattern for your own sewing. Upper body from 70 E + sleeves, total 90 E. Available on markets/events I’m attending, book me in advance if you are interested.

Fitted garments: To sew a fitted garment, I need to be able to try it on you one-two times (or more depending on the garment). Only available on request if we can arrange a meeting.

Earlier works/Orders


Cotehardie with buttons
16th c linen shirt
15th c kirtle/jacket and hose
Peplos in soft wool
Viking wardrobe
14th century kit
Viking coat and hat
Copy of 16th c waffenrock
Landsknecht waffenrock
Acorn hood
Miparti kirtle with hood
Striped hose
Linen shirt with decor
Cotehardie with buttons+ lacing
13th century miparti
15th c outfit
Coat (houppelande) with folds

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