New male garb

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I made H some new clothes for this years medieval week at Gotland. He had several tunics already, but this one is made of thinner wool and will be a little less warm hopefully. For H, being comfy and not overly warm is more important than finding the correct seams and construction for the period. But I talked him into the tighter underarms, so the style would be that of middle-late 14th century. The hosen is made of a thin, somewhat loose twill and is really soft and nice to wear against the skin. One should never underestimate the importance of choosing nice cloth and making clothes that are comfortable to wear! It doesn’t matter if you have the most awesome outfit ever, if it’s to warm and complicated to wear it will end up in the closet…



The hood is made of a really nice fabric and have oak leaves around the edge, and metall buttons at the front. The hat is made of felted wool, and is a little early for the period, but a nice way to protect face and head from sun and weather. Under the hat is a linen coif. I made the pilgrim bag bigger than the period ones probably was, and H choose how high up he wanted to wear it. Since he likes to stash lots of things in his bag, including tablet, water bottle and other “must haves” the bag will hang more secure and tight against the body with a shorter shoulder strap.


The tunic, hosen, bag and hood is made of wool, with seams in waxed linen and/or silk thread. Some seams are machine stitched, but most are made by hand, and then pressed down with iron and casted with silk. Undertunic/shirt, breeches and coif is made of linen. The shoes belongs to his viking garb and the belt and bag is some old larping outfit. Ready for Visby!

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