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Video; drafting a body pattern

Video; drawing a sleeve pattern
Video: step by step medieval dress

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8 thoughts on “Tutorials

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  2. I don’t see the “Translate” function on the right. There is a thing called “Read Everything in English?”, but it doesn’t give a selection for English to be translated to….

    • I’ll look into it- thank you for notice =) my blog has been a bit glitchy lately

    • It seems that google translate (that I use) has decided that my whole blog is currently in english, so you will have to use google translate “on your own”- go to their site or right click on the blog and use “translate” as a fast way (might take a visit to their site frist to fix this option)

      • Linda, I have tried this and it works somewhat, but the problem is that it doesn’t include the photos of the patterns and sewing processes, only the text, so that I cannot follow the instructions very well at all. It also does not follow your formatting….

  3. Hello talented creator! I have fallen “madly in Love” with your Stuffed Felt Horse (inspired by your in depth study of the Middle Ages). I found a picture of them on the internet with Google, but was unable to purchase the pattern from your site. I am both a crafter and self taught artist trying to learn how to sew animals and small things I love. I will gladly pay for the downloadable pattern and tutorial. I am unable to paint due to illness at this time. Not my intention to be a bother, Just a wish that you might respond and allow me to purchase it.
    Sincerely, Susan

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