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Video; drafting a body pattern

Video; drawing a sleeve pattern
Video: step by step medieval dress

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11 thoughts on “Tutorials

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  2. I don’t see the “Translate” function on the right. There is a thing called “Read Everything in English?”, but it doesn’t give a selection for English to be translated to….

    • I’ll look into it- thank you for notice =) my blog has been a bit glitchy lately

    • It seems that google translate (that I use) has decided that my whole blog is currently in english, so you will have to use google translate “on your own”- go to their site or right click on the blog and use “translate” as a fast way (might take a visit to their site frist to fix this option)

      • Linda, I have tried this and it works somewhat, but the problem is that it doesn’t include the photos of the patterns and sewing processes, only the text, so that I cannot follow the instructions very well at all. It also does not follow your formatting….

  3. Hello talented creator! I have fallen “madly in Love” with your Stuffed Felt Horse (inspired by your in depth study of the Middle Ages). I found a picture of them on the internet with Google, but was unable to purchase the pattern from your site. I am both a crafter and self taught artist trying to learn how to sew animals and small things I love. I will gladly pay for the downloadable pattern and tutorial. I am unable to paint due to illness at this time. Not my intention to be a bother, Just a wish that you might respond and allow me to purchase it.
    Sincerely, Susan

  4. Hej!
    Jag håller just nu på att sy en ylleklänning med snörning fram för första gången(!) till årets medeltidsvecka, den enda som bekymmrar mig är hur jag ska sy kilarna som är fram om jag vill ha att snörningen går ner en bit på kilen, har försökt hitta någoting om det på din sida utan tur… hoppas du kan hjälpa mig
    Tack på förhand Rebecca

    • Jag tolkar din fråga som praktisk; du kan antingen strunta i framkilen och fortsätta snörningen, splitta kilen (eller sy två delar) och forsätta snörningen ner eller ha snörningen mellan kil och ena framstycket. Jag ha provat alla varianter men är nuförtiden lat och struntar i framilen för att enklare kunna arbeta i klänningen, så jag forsätter bara snörningen ned till höften =)

    • Du kan strunta i framkilen om du vill, låta snörningen gå mellan kroppsbit och kil, eller skarva kilen fram och låta snörningen fortsätta rakt ned i kilen =)

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