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Ny knektdräkt/ New outfit for the landsknecht

För ett tag sedan sydde jag en knektdräkt till A som skulle dra iväg på lajv. Tanken var en relativt enkel knektdräkt som skulle vara praktisk på lajvet, men ändå med en historisk grund. A ville ha olikfärgade ben och valde färg och några detaljer såsom hatt, men lämnade resten av designen till mig. Roligt projekt som tog en hel del tid, men knektdräkter blir ju så härligt dramatiska och överdrivna! Bildkommentarerna och resten av inlägget är på engelska, med en del beskrivningar på sömnadsdetaljer.


A while ago I finished this outfit for A. It´s for larping, but the inspiration comes from historical paintings. The idea was a rather simple and practical yet fancy outfit, and A decided the colours and what type of hat he wanted but let me do the design of the outfit. Fun project, it took a lot of time but came out nice (I really like the jacket/wam) and landsknechts are so dramatic!


Finished pieces; pants, jacket, shirt and hat.


The jacket/wam with details


The outfit is made of wool and linen, with woolen bands and strings to tie it up.

IMG_9119 (2)

IMG_9121 (2)

On the inside of the jacket I put some hooks and eyes to secure it and make it easy to close.

IMG_9108 (2)

The pants is laced together but also has a tied string at the top, and is made so you can fit a belt inside the lining. The belt is not a historical reference, but makes it easier to wear the pants if they get bigger by wear and wet weather. It also makes it possible to wear the pants without the jacket. A didn´t need a belt right now, as the pants really fit him well and are really slim around the waist… But you know- experience has made me wise (also I almost dropped my pants during the Krigshjärta larp but that’s another story.)

IMG_9118 (2) IMG_9117

All the visible seams and details are handmade/sewn but the parts are put together with the sewing machine to save time.

IMG_9110 (2) IMG_9111 (2)

The eyelets in the outfit are made with vaxed linen thread, and the pants have woolen bands to tie them under the knee.

IMG_9104 (2)

The hat is made with my blue trossfrau/landsknecht hat as inspiration, hand sewn with linen thread and the same wool as the wam and pants are made by.



A didn’t want to be all up on the blog, but he agreed to have some pictures taken on the outfit.