Tools I use for sewing?


These are my favourite tools for making medieval garments.


Fabric scissor, paper scissor, thread scissor. Use your best scissor for your good fabrics, and the paper scissor for toile fabric, paper patterns and everything that is not so important. A small thread scissor is easy to bring along and spares the other two from too much carrying around (and laying around the house where other family members may find them)

Measure tape, long ruler and a small measure stick (in Swedish mätsticka, sömometer or fifficus). The long ruler (or just a straight stick) is very useful when drawing out long lines on the fabric. I have one at 100 cm, one at 60 cm and a couple of shorter ones, but 100 cm is best if you have to pick one. The small measure stick is very practical for folding edges, putting on trims or details and adding seam allowance to your pieces.

Fabric chalk for drawing out your pieces on the fabric.

Pins for holding pattern pieces together or marking things out without chalk (for example) and sewing needles of different sizes- I like to sew my pieces together (running stitches) with a slightly longer needle than I use for casting edges with whipstitches.

Safety pin to pin down sewing projects (it´s easier to sew if the seam is pinned down to something and can be stretched towards you). I sometimes also use a weight to put on the fabric.

Seam ripper; do I need to say more? Thimble (fingerborg) for sewing (click on this post and watch the video if you want to know how)

Threads of different materials and sizes. The lump is bee’s wax and is used for coating the linen threads when sewing. Makes them last longer. Short thread guide: 35/2 linen thread for regular garments, 60/2 for this linen fabrics, veils. Wool threads for many viking garments in wool. Silk threads for sewing in silk, silk decorations etc. Silk buttonhole thread for buttonholes, lacing holes, decorative stitching, durable seams where the linen thread 35/2 is not fancy enough. I am selling threads in my FBshop; search for Handcrafted History or send me an email!



Author: Linda at Handcrafted History

I am Linda, running the blog and business Handcrafted History and living in the middle of Sweden

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  1. I am a beginning seamstress and a beginning Viking-age reenactor (my persona is 10th century Icelandic woman), so it is really valuable to me to read your posts, like this one, where you lay out your favorite tools! Thank you!

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