From a Viking market

Gunnes gårds yearly autumn market is a really cozy place to be, and me and love traveled there to have a viking weekend together. There was a downpour when we arrived on Friday afternoon, but the rest of the weekend offered lovely weather and fun meetings. I hade a really busy time, and didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but maybe that is just a sign of having fun?

I brought my work with me, as usual, and we were hanging in our new market tent, meeting new friends and just having a good time. The tent is a market tent for all those viking markets (and for me when I travel alone) since the larger pavilion is medieval style, and also quite heavy to bring by myself. I am happy with the tent, though the large double bed we have is a bit big for it, but hey- it is hard to have it all!

During Saturday and Sunday I held two lectures about viking age clothing from a visitor’s perspective, hoping to lure more people into the interesting world of viking age… Love sat by the tent during that time, to try to help customers with questions. He is not by far as handcrafty or interested in clothing as I am (being more of a brewer/archer/gamer), but he sure looks the part in his outfit =)

Tried out a new hairstyle inspired from a find from pre viking age. It is a french braid from the top of the head going down, and then another regular braid with all the hair, twisted into a bun and pinned into place with the hair pin made of wood. Quite simple, doable without a mirror, but holds in place during the day. I like it, I will definitely try it out again!

I also got to try out my new apron dress. It is made in a very thin blue wool fabric, with a matching veil/thin shawl in the same fabric. Perfect for those warm market days during summer. Under I have a bleached linen shift. The jewels and beads I think you have seen before; it is all old and the glass beads are those I made myself. Here is also the hairstyle from the side, a bit worn since it was afternoon by the time we took the pictures

We also got the most awesome neighbours to hang out with! Two really talented spinners, one of them here with Susanna who runs Viking age clothing. I really recommend her patterns if you want to sew viking clothing for yourself, she is very knowing and talented in viking era clothing!

S, our neighbour, also had a very cool minimalistic camp, with just a small sleeping area, a cooking fire and some personal equipment.


Now I am back home, and since this was the last market for the season, I am doing some after-season work; washing and mending clothing, taking care of camping equipment, packing everything down, writing lists and such. I am also doing a look over of the wardrobe and camp, and plan to sell of some things that has not been used during the season. Most things will be up shortly on facebook or my Etsy, so be sure to check in there every once in a while!


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Vikingamarknad på Gunnes Gård/Viking market

Första helgen i september varje år är det vikingamarknad på Gunnes gård, strax utanför Stockholm. Jag, H och ett par kompisar drog ner för att leka vikingaturister och upptäckte att vi hittat en av de absolut mysigaste marknaderna vi någonsin besökt. Fin plats, vikingatida byggnader och en bra blandning av vikingaläger och marknadsstånd gjorde eftermiddagen till en bra upplevelse. Det kom en regnskur, men höstmarknader är väl bara en förtäckt anledning till att få ha på sig några lager ull?


Bra blandning på utbudet var det också, så en fin samling pärlor och en tygsax fick följa med hem. Marknaden arrangerades av en grupp glada och positiva arrangörer vilket gjorde det extra roligt att åka dit, vem vill inte mötas av en glad och leende arrangör när man kommer in på marknadsområdet?

Me, H and a couple of friends visited Gunnes Gård and the viking market over an afternoon. Nice site and an interesting marketplace made for a fun afternoon, and I’m planning on returning there next year. A handful of silver beads and a really nice scissor made it home with me, and a lot of photos!

Nästa år ska jag helt klart besöka marknaden igen, kanske med ett litet försäljningsutbud så att jag har en anledning att stanna där och hänga längre…


Marketplace and living spaces in the same area makes for a cozy market!


Lots of inspiration for our personal camp…


…Like this roof, and the cute market table underneath


Nice decorations on the tent


And they had a viking ship (Tälja) on the site. I also need one of those?


Nice handicrafts


And friendly people!


With lots of nice garbs


and beautyful bags (Burr from Historiska Fynd showing of his garbs, looking awesome as always!)



Me and M