Hur mycket tyg behöver jag till min dräkt? /How much fabric do I need for my outfit?


Här kommer en enkel lista som kan hjälpa dig när du ska köpa tyg till olika plagg. Givetvis beror mängden tyg på din storlek, hur du klipper ut bitarna och hur brett tyget är. Se det här som en ungefärlig guide för dig som är kvinna och har storlek small-medium eller man med storlek medium-large, där tygbredden är 150 cm innan tvätt.

Here is a simple list of different garments and how much fabric you need to make them. The amount of fabric depends on your personal size, how you lay out your pattern and how wide the fabric is. Look at this as an approximated guide for a woman size small to medium and a man sized medium to large, with a fabric width of 150 cm. The guide is in centimetres and meters/metres.

Please note that the measurements are estimates and always calculate your own pattern from your measurements before you buy fabric. For example, I can make a simple dress with over 3 meters of shirthemd from only 2 meters of fabric, but I greatly prefer to use 2,8-3 meters for a full dress with sleeves. If I need wider arms, a longer dress or a more luxurous one I need about 4 meters of fabric. If the fabric have a pattern so you have to lay out all your pieces from one direction, you may need even more fabric.

When you buy fabric, also add an extra 10% for washing shrinkage to avoid unpleasant surprises, and always wash your fabric before sewing.

Medieval/Viking woman:

Shift (underklänning/särk) 2-2,5 meters of linen

Dress w.out sleeves (ärmlös överklänning) 2,5-3 meters of wool

Dress w sleeves (överklänning med ärmar) 3-3,5 meters of wool

Hoses (hosor/strumpor) 60 cm of wool (I prefer twill)

Hood (hätta) 40-60 cm of wool

Apron (förkläde) a square of 60*80 cm of linen will give you apron and ribbons.

Weil and wimple (slöja och haklin) 100*80 + 80*40 cm of linen or silk

Cape (mantel) 1,5 meters for a waistlong one, around 2,5-3 meters for a half cirkle cloak, doubble (6 meters) for a cirkular one.

Warm dress with lining (varm överklänning med foder) 3-3,5 meters of wool + samt amount of lining.

Houppelande (vid överklänning) 3,5-4,5 meters of wool

Cottehardie (snörd/knäppt överklänning) 3 meters of thin wool (twill)

Sleeves (lösärmar) 80*60 cm of wool or silk

Aprondress (hängselkjol) 2-3 meters

Kyrtil/dress with sleeves (mellanklänning) 2 meters for an Euradress, 2,5 meters for the yellow dress, 3 meters for a fuller dress.

Coat (kappa) 2-2,5 meters of wool

Medieval/Viking man:

Hose (hosor) 1,4-2 meters of wool

Braies (brokor) 50-100 cm of linen depending on model

Pants (byxor) 1,6-2 meters of wool

Wide viking pants/baggy pants (pösbyxor) 4-6 meters of thin wool

Shirt (kort undertunika) 1,6-1,8 meters of linen (2 meters to reach the knee)

Tunic/kyrtil (tunika/kjortel) 2-2,2 meters of wool

Liripipe hood (struthätta) 60-80 cm of wool

Double/shorter jackets (kortare jackor) 1,5-2 meters of wool

Cloak (mantel) same as woman above

Viking coat (kaftan eller rak kappa) 2-2,4 meters of wool


I hope this was helpful, good luck with your sewing!

Author: Linda at Handcrafted History

I am Linda, running the blog and business Handcrafted History and living in the middle of Sweden

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