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Jag har en pinterestsida också; ni hittar mig under https://se.pinterest.com/handcraftedhist/

Där har jag en massa bra inspiration, länkar och medeltida fynd samlade under olika mappar. Titta gärna in och se om du hittar något spännande att inspireras av till ditt nästa projekt! Jag tycker om pinterest, mycket för att det är roligt, fullt med snygga bilder och lätt att få upp ett flöde som är inspirerande. Men jag tycker också om att följa andra människor med liknande intressen, pinterest blir personligt på ett helt annat sätt när bara bilder får stå för vad man gillar och tycker är intressant.

Follow me on pinterest and check out my folders to find viking and medieval inspiration and lots of paintings, sculptures and finds from different periods. I like pinterest, not only because of all the inspiration and the beautiful photos, but also for its personal touch- you get to se what other people finds interesting and what their preferences are, based only on pictures of their choice.

Below are some favourites for medieval and viking inspiration to check out

Stina: https://se.pinterest.com/aelfwynne/

Kim: https://se.pinterest.com/falkenskld/

Neulakko: https://se.pinterest.com/neulakko/

Whilja: https://se.pinterest.com/whilja/

Katafalk: https://se.pinterest.com/katafalk/

13 costumes: https://se.pinterest.com/13costumes/

Minna: https://se.pinterest.com/ylffwa/

Lady Malina: https://se.pinterest.com/malinaopatowiec/

Do you have any favourites (or a pinterest on your own) that is good medieval or viking inspiration? Post them in a comment and I will add them here!


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Old clothes and new dreams

So, I recently searched my computer to find some old I-know-they-should-be-here-somewere-photos (when I was young I had all photos in an actual box, fancy that…) on my viking age outfit. I found them, and a lot of other photos of moments not forgotten, but clearly from a time far far away. So I wanted to share some old but good clothes and pictures with you all, most of them now sold or given away to support new dreams. I like that clothes I have grown tired of can have new adventures with other people!


Both the black and red dress now has new owners, but they were really fancy together!


Look at K, she is sooo gorgeous in that hood!



B has a loose overdress, I will show you that again a couple of years later in a coming post…


K in her viking garb during a Christmas market. Wearing the cloak over the hood makes all the warm air stay inside, and the wind outside.


3 layers of wool keeps you warm during springwinter time (yes, it´s called vårvinter in northen Sweden. That time of year when it’s warm and sunny during daytime, but real winter during the nights).


Look what a fancy photo! It’s more common for me to make funny faces or blink during photoshoots, but this one is really nice. A very chilly day with freezing winds, so I wore the red dress from the first picture, under a blue shortsleeved woolen dress with pinned-on sleeves and a hood.

All this photos made me realise I got lots of new inspiration for making new garb, and some pieces that are newly finished but not yet documented.