Tales from Double Wars


We went to the SCA event Double Wars in southern Sweden (Skåne) and traveled from early snowy spring to full summer in a day. Magical event on a beautiful site, and a really large historical camping ground. The drive took about 15 hours, so we divided it in two days and made some small stops and side trips along the way, like visiting historical buildings and eating ice-cream.

I am working on photos from the event, so the following blog post will be about the event, site, camp and lots of inspirational photos for you- hope you enjoy it!

The new red dress, late 14th century, in red wool with pewter buttons and front lacing. Since the event took place in early May, a warmer dress like this was a good choice. Being photographed in the camp site

Out new tent from Tentorium; we are really satisfied with the quality and the rainproof fabric, it kept us dry and comfortable living during the week-long event. Took the photo one morning, getting dressed in the late 15th c green kirtle (I will come back to this outfit later in a separate blog post)

One day we went for a short stroll down to the lake, through magical green forests with woodgarlic and birdsong

Do you remember my green houppelande with rabbit fur? I sold it, and tried out a new  model (how else to learn?) in a green high quality wool, lined with silk and trimmed with the same silk fabric, to imitate a painting I got inspired by. I call it the Weyden outfit; and I will write more about it when I got the time.

Love is feeling very well now, and was spending most of his time hanging around the archery, practicing or just having a good time. He is wearing a 14th century outfit, made of wool.

I also like archery, and discovered that most of my outfits was wearable for shooting and handling the bow. Even the fancy new red dress, with large veil was ok. What I didn’t like? My straw hat and the temple braids; they got in my way.

Here with love, practicing archery

Strolling around the camp groundsMarket day, love is jumping in to help some customers, while I had a snack and talked about clothing with friends.


Me and Aleydis by the lake, she was swimming in the cold water, while I was minding the sun…

Do you like what you see? SCA is a big organisation that is active in lots of European countries, USA, as well as other places around the world. Google SCA and your country or city to find out if you have a local group to join- SCA is friendly for beginners and there is lots of help and friends to have if you want to join in and journey with us to long-ago-times!

Author: Linda at Handcrafted History

I am Linda, running the blog and business Handcrafted History and living in the middle of Sweden

6 thoughts on “Tales from Double Wars

  1. Hi Linda!

    I’m also in the SCA, in the USA.

    As usual, your clothing is spectacular. I also really love the photos–this event looks so serene to me. Thanks for posting about it! <3

    –Timi/Lady Unnr Olafsdottir, Order of the Gilded Reed. Middle Marches Barony, Midrealm Kingdom, Society for Creative Anachronism

  2. Thank you for your kind words, and sharing =) Maybe you’ll come and visit us someday!

  3. Hi Linda,

    I am also SCA – in Canada (Kingdom of Ealdormere).

    I hope someday to make it to Europe for an SCA event. 😀 Love your blog!

    Erin/Lady Emelote of Calais

  4. Hei! Takk for hyggelig samtale på Middelalderfestivalen på Hamar. Her finner du mine tre innlegg fra i år.
    Veldig flott blogg du har, den skal jeg ta en lang titt på, etterpå.

    Hilsen Ingun Kleppan

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