Medeltidsdagarna på Hägnan/ Medieval event at Hägnan

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This summer I was in Luleå on the medieval event at Hägnan, which is an event that is both SCA, an open event for turists, a market and open for larpers and other medieval people. Simply, it’s for everyone.

Since I moved from northen Sweden to the very middle, I’ve come to realise that the medieval community and it’s different groups are slightly different here than up north. South of Sundsvall (were I live now) there’s enough medieval and viking interested people to form a whole lot of different groups; viking steads/groups, reenacters, SCAgroups, medieval larpers… And that’s all nice with loots of events to visit, but it seems to me that most of the groups don’t intermingle with each other. In northen Sweden there is not enough people to form and hold different groups all by them self. So we support each other. Larpers that like medieval stuff sure goes to SCAevents, SCApeople who like viking stuff visit those communitys and everybody meets during bigger events such as Hägnan. Sure, there is a lot of different SCAgroups all along the coast; 1-2 shires (communitys) every 260 kilometres is as close as it gets, right?

So, anyway, I have a particular love for Luleå since it’s my old home town, and I grew up visiting the open air museum Hägnan and playing there many times. Hägnan is such a magical event with lots of love, friendly people, good parties and a night that never grow dark. I was in charge over the handicraft station, but everybody was doing totally fine by they own so I just attended meetings and said stuff like “yeay, good job” and the like. We showed of different handicraft, such as woodworking, sewing and embroidery and a group manned the smithy the hole event. Some days the handcraft station was popular when other volunteers came by to sit with us when they weren’t at their work.




During the evenings the site closed for turists and everyone living there could enjoy workshops, training, entertainment and party. Some nights we were more tired than others, and one of those we took to a medieval picnic for dinner… Almost medieval?


This must be my new favorite dress. It’s comfy, not very hot, and handsewn after three paintings by Rogier wan der Veyden.

K and I were out and about and took some pictures on the site during the week.



You can’t se it on the photos, but the mosquitoes were not easy on us. It was also unusually hot during the days, so by the time it went cooler we were quite tired. But the light! Ah, there is no such light as northen Sweden during summer



I don’t really know what’s up with all the watermelon photos… I guess the melon is some kind of only-at-Hägnan-thing. I got lots of watermelon photos…


Medieval fashion show- of course there should be one!




Exhibition and A&S competition inside the lodge with R


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