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A new and slighly More Hood; The Orchid Hood

So, I really didn’t need a new hood, but I hade some holidays coming up (this Christmas) with free time and I had planned on doing something nice and sparkly with the piece of fabric that I didn’t use for my new gollar (no, that one is not finished yet… Don’t mention it, ok?)

This is my new hood, it’s hand stitched and made of high quality woolen cloth and handweaved silk as lining. The embroidery is made of silk thread and small freshwater pearls, the handcraft being all historical but the motive (orchids) being modern in the sense that I haven’t seen anything like it in historical paintings. So why put down this much effort in something that is not historical accurate?


Because sometimes handcraft is more about feeling, adventures and beauty than following the traces of old. And it was time I reminded myself of that, after having made so many historical clothes this last autumn. So, this is a project just for my own inspiration and well being.


Also, it will be the perfect party hood.



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