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Visby Medieval Week 2017

This Medieval week in Visby was rather different from my previous ones; I traveled without love (who was working) and lived indoors in a rented apartment with two friends. I also had workshops scheduled for every day I was there, and just had a free afternoon the day we arrived. So, with that said, I don’t have much photos since I was working a lot, but I wanted to share some moments with you- both by camera and words.

Me and my two friends really had the best living and it was easy to share with them, but we did have different hours so often I was on my own to and from work. It actually was really nice, I had some of my best moments because I was out on my own, strolling or talking with people and new friends I otherwise wouldn’t have time to see. I really recommend having some time on your own during the Medieval Week- it’s the perfect way of meeting new friends!

And adventuring on my own also means climbing things; even if wearing a full silk dress and veils…

One afternoon I met up with Minna to take some photos in the botanical garden, one of them is now the header for my social media! Here in the late afternoon light, trying to tie up my headwear without a mirror and enough pins (it ended up hanging from one side as you may have seen…)

Minna in her awesome hood; made from a manuscript from South Europe.

Work, I say? Yes, since I run Handcrafted History as my full-time commitment, most of my medieval and viking adventures and event is about work for me. I either have my market stall, selling clothes and handcrafting materials, or holding workshops and lectures. During Medieval Week, I mostly work at Kapitelhusgården, which is a lovely place and medieval restaurant in the middle of Visby. During the day, they offer workshops and lectures, and in the evening the garden transforms to a restaurant and pub, with a picnic-feeling. I love the place!

I am holding my workshops there during the week, and this year one of my attending handcrafters took some pictures with my camera- so I actually have some during-work-photos. (This usually never happen because I get so busy with the workshop and explaining things…) So this is what it could look like when I’m holding workshops! I usually wear medieval or viking clothing when I work, but on modern locations such as universities I wear my everyday clothing (if nothing else is requested).

Linnea whom I traveled and lived with

And J, from my local group, meeting in the park for a chat and some photos



Om ett par dagar, två dygn närmare bestämt, är jag på plats i Visby för medeltidsveckan och allt roligt som händer där. Alla kurser är färdigplanerade, färdigpackade och jag har strukit de där huvuddukarna som tvättades efter förra eventet och lades i en hög eftersom jag snaaart skulle stryka dem (allvarligt, har det någonsin hänt att jag strukit precis efter tvätt?).

Men var är Visby-peppen? Den liksom glittrade omkring i luften ända fram till för ett par veckor sedan, då jag tappade fokus och fick för mycket saker för mig. Jag har inte ens gjort en packlista i år, utan stoppar ner saker i påsar när jag kommer på att jag kanske behöver dem.

Förmodligen fungerar min packtaktik jättebra, och alldeles säkert kommer medeltidsveckan bli alldeles fantastisk som vanligt. Men just nu behöver jag en kaffe och en kram. Om du ser mig på Visby- kom fram och säg hej? Jag blir så glad när bloggläsare kommer fram och hälsar så jag får se ansikten bakom statistiken =)


Ungefär såhär kommer jag se ut, några av dagarna i alla fall