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On this page you’ll find my second hand items and outfits I am selling. Send me an email if you want anything! (linda.handcraftedhistory@ gmail.com) Also, please note that this is second hand items, with a much lower price than newly made to order would cost, and that there is only one of each.

Herjolfnes dress, hand sewn with wool thread with seams and constructions after the finds. Measures: bust max 90 cm, waist max 85 cm, size 36 Eu. Lenght; floor lenght on a 1,6 m model. More info on; https://handcraftedhistory.blog/2018/01/04/the-herjolfnes-dress/  5300 sek + shipping

The viking amber dress project; here is a link to the outfit with description; https://handcraftedhistory.blog/…/03/the-viking-amber-proj…/
The outfit offered consists of; handsewn coat, machine/hand sewn apron dress with lots of tablet weaving, belt/tablet weave, tablet weaved hair ribbon. 5500 sek + shipping (The shawl is not for sale due to nostalgic feelings towards it as my first handwoven project).

I also offer underdresses in wool or linen to go with the outfit, made with your measures (2800 sek for a handsewn woolen dress, 2200 for a machine sewn with handsewn edges) handwoven shawls in neutral/undyed wools (800 sek) and readily recommend Historiska Fynd to find similar jewelry.

Viking apron dress, made in a loose A-model in a woolen fabric with a nice drape. Used a couple of times on events, then washed. Handsewn with linen thread, decorated with a handwoven woolen tablet weave in a very complex pattern. Measures: bust maximum 90 cm, length of dress; ca 120 cm, slighly longer at the back. (last pictures show dress before the tablet weave was sewn on)

2000kr (2000 sek= 195 Euro) + shipping