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On this page you’ll find my second hand items and outfits I am selling. Send me an email if you want anything! (linda.handcraftedhistory@ gmail.com) Also, please note that this is mostly second hand items, or freshly made one-of-a-kind items, with a lower price than newly made to order would cost, and that there is only one of each.

Hood made of high quality 100% woolen cloth, all hand stitched with silk thread, pewter buttons after finds. Lenght 50 cm, opening around head 70 cm total (good for wearing veils under). 1000 sek/ 100 Euro


Vikingatida herrkaftan efter Hedebymodell, handsydd med ulltråd i en indigoblå ulltuskaft, storlek stor L-XL (modellen på bilden har L och är ca 1,8 m) Pris: 2000 sek. Viking age kaftan for a man, all hand stitched with woolen thread, made after the Hedeby model. Never used. Size L-XL. 192 Euro

Hårband 1350-1460 ungefär. Brickbandsvävt med inspiration efter fynd från perioden. 100% siden, handfärgat med indigo. Stängs med en liten hake i ena änden. 57 cm långt. 300 kr. Hair band, 14-15th c, 100% plantdyed indigo silk, 57 cm long. 30 Euro

Radband efter målning från andra halvan av 1400talet. Jade, handgjorda glaspärlor, växtfärgade sidentofsar. Pris=materialkostnad+frakt 250 kr. Rosary made after historical painting. Jade, handmade glass beads, tassels of plant dyed silk. 23 Euro

Brickband i 100% ull, rött och marinblått, 142 cm långt, ca 1 cm brett. Inte helt perfekt i väven, se den lilla trådbiten som sticker ut. 150 kr inkl frakt. Tablet weave in 100% wool, 142 cm long, 1,5 cm width, 14 Euro


Herjolfnes dress, hand sewn with wool thread with seams and constructions after the finds. Measures: bust max 90 cm, waist max 85 cm, size 36 Eu. Lenght; floor lenght on a 1,6 m model. More info on; https://handcraftedhistory.blog/2018/01/04/the-herjolfnes-dress/  5300 sek + shipping. SALE; 4500 sek

The viking amber dress project; here is a link to the outfit with description; https://handcraftedhistory.blog/…/03/the-viking-amber-proj…/
The outfit offered consists of; handsewn coat, machine/hand sewn apron dress with lots of tablet weaving, belt/tablet weave, tablet weaved hair ribbon. 5500 sek + shipping (The shawl is not for sale due to nostalgic feelings towards it as my first handwoven project). SALE: 5000 sek

I also offer underdresses in wool or linen to go with the outfit, made with your measures (2800 sek for a handsewn woolen dress, 2200 for a machine sewn with handsewn edges) handwoven shawls in neutral/undyed wools (800 sek) and readily recommend Historiska Fynd to find similar jewelry.