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Vikings at Årsunda


Oh, look! Some more photos from the autumn market at Årsunda vikings. It really was such an awesome and inspiring event so I wanted to share it with you as much as I can!


The amber viking dress.


R in his viking outfit, were most of it is handstitch by him


Cooking without digging a hole in the ground


Hanging out by the house


What a nice tent and camp!


Look at the red shoes- so awesome!


H playing games


Me and M trying to be still long enough for taking a photo.

We happened to wear matching outfits. I’m blaming it on both of us having really good taste in fabrics…



Author: Linda at Handcrafted History

I am Linda, running the blog and business Handcrafted History and living in the middle of Sweden

6 thoughts on “Vikings at Årsunda

  1. This is amazing! I shared it on Facebook. Are you in Sweden or Denmark? I’m confused about that. I love your sewing! Thank you for sharing these posts with us! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Let Us Live Like We Mean It! and commented:
    More from Linda at Handcrafted History about her experiences at a Viking encampment in Scandinavia.


  3. I do love your creations, your feeling for fabric and colors. And your serene searching for the historic sources of course.


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